Sustainable Development Goals

in education

“For sustainable learning and action”

ATWORKSOLUTIONS stands for a sustainable world.

 We work pro-active on implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s or Global Goals) in education and business environments. By using our management improvement method ”COLOURS of the WORLD” we help people to become more aware of what they can do in achieving the global goals in 2030.

The Sustainable Development Goals (Global Goals) are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. They address the global challenges we face, including those related to poverty, inequality, climate, environmental degradation, prosperity, and peace and justice. The Goals interconnect and in order to leave no one behind, it ís important that we achieve each Goal and target by 2030.

Within ATWORKSOLUTIONS we are focusing on personal leadership in achieving a better life and a better world. The strength of our training modules lies in the combination of elements of Myers & Briggs, Jung and talent development, based on an experienced and proven coaching format. We use our portfolio to train people and teams. In education and in business.

A digital scan is connecting personal qualities with the most suitable goals. Combined with useful reports and handy tools you are able to come into action. And if needed, strong and effective training modules are available.

Creating a sustainable business, focusing on high performing teams. Supporting you in achieving goals based on the choosen HR strategy. Where do we start?

A team begins by bringing individual professionals together. Individual professionals starts at school or university. We strongly believe we are dependent on those who are part of that next generation.

That’s why part of our focus lays in providing educational institutes with learning material, for free. These learnings are the connection to the digital training modules and additional information for the participants.


Our COLOURS OF THE WORLD program provides you detailed insights in yourself and the way you can use your talents in the most effective way. In personal development, personal leadership, business and private situations.

We strongly believe we have to change our way of life, all of us, to ensure a better and sustainable world for the next generation. By 2030 we all should have participated in a (small) part of reaching the Sustainable Development Goals. Changing the world start with your action.

In order to do things right, you have to do the right things… That’s the reason we developed this modular set of training material. Four modules, which you can use successively, or as a separate training module.

Below you will find a short description of these four learning modules:



Based on the proven MBTI personal qualities test we developed a way to give you an idea of the most suitable SDG’s for your MBTI profile. It all starts with the awareness of who you are, and the connection with a number of best suitable goals.

The digital test will take approx. 15 minutes. After you got the results you can register on our site to get full entrance to the secured area. You’ll find your report on the site, and you get entrance to a lot of underlaying documents to support you in the first steps in your personal development planning process.

This is the awareness. Now your personal development plan starts.



After learning your own personal qualities in ME & MY GOALS we now take direction. With which talents you can work on the SDG’s? Using the right talents you will be more successful and working with more energy and power. We use the Me.-scan to discover your talents.

The Me.-scan offers a compact, accessible and precise method of gaining insight into the degree of a person’s utilization of his or her natural talents. The Me.-scan consists of two parts.

The first part makes use of positive and negative associations with 8 archetypical images. The experience someone has with the 8 images used gives insight into his or her (unconscious) behavioral preferences and allergies.

In the second part of the Me.-scan 10 competence cards need to be chosen out of 24 options, choosing the 10 that he or she think or feel best reflects their own qualities. The coherency between the choices of the two parts shows the degree of awareness a person has between his or her natural talents and how far these talents may have developed.

It also becomes visible which blockages and pitfalls someone can encounter without being fully aware of them. This digital test will take approx. 15 minutes. Afterwards you will receive a full report about you and your talents.



We now know your individual talents. This scan, the Me.-scan is a digital tool we use.

Of course we will provide you with the most suitable SDG’s based on the team qualities. This shortlist of SDG’s can be used in translating value towards sustainable value.

The individual talent tests of team members can be brought together to create a team performance overview. The team overview forms the basis of team analyses and team coaching. Experienced team coaches can offer support in team composition, team development and transition processes in which staffing is relevant.

Team analysis sessions are team sessions of 2 to 3 hours in which the team dynamic becomes clear but also room is made for discussion about potential issues between team members.



The way to create highly motivated teams.

Based on research at the Dutch Special Forces in army (Green Berets), author Roderick Gottkens wrote a book about the successful teamwork in those military teams. Inspired by this book, we translated this knowledge to a training module.

This proven concept for teambuilding is THE way to implement in those organizational teams, who are striving to reach the highest level of performance: WINNING! Green Berets are well known of their action based way of working, creative thinking and adaptability in stressful situations. This ultimate form of agile work leads to exceptional performance.

At the office we don’t have to carry out a life-threatening mission every day. But the power of a command team is accessible to all teams. Learn what impact mission, assignment and processes have on the confidence and mentality of the people in the team. Understand how teams can handle little information and still successfully complete the assignment. Discover how teams continue to perform, even under heavy pressure.

Whoever controls the team culture controls the result. In a constantly changing world, the highest level of teamwork. Teamability, is your best weapon.

This training is conducted in four parts of half a days. Two trainers will take your team through this special process of TEAMABILITY.



A course at your institution?

A introduction workshop for your team is possible at your location. In a three hours interactive workshop we will show you all our tools. This train the trainer program gives you insights and the experience to coach your students.