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The ultimate way to create highly motivated teams.

Based on research at the Dutch Special Forces in army (Green Berets), author Roderick Gottkens wrote a book about the successful teamwork in those military teams. Inspired by this book, we translated this knowledge to a 24 hours session training module.

This proven concept for teambuilding is THE way to implement in those organizational teams, who are striving to reach the highest level of performance: WINNING! Green Berets are well known of their action based way of working, creative thinking and adaptability in stressful situations. This ultimate form of agile work leads to exceptional performance.

At the office we don’t have to carry out a life-threatening mission every day. But the power of a command team is accessible to all teams. Learn what impact mission, assignment and processes have on the confidence and mentality of the people in the team. Understand how teams can handle little information and still successfully complete the assignment. Discover how teams continue to perform, even under heavy pressure.

Whoever controls the team culture controls the result. In a constantly changing world, the highest level of teamwork. Teamability, is your best weapon.

This training is conducted in four parts of half a days. Two trainers will take your team through this special process of TEAMABILITY.

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