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After all teammembers did the MY TALENTS scan, we now know your individual talents. This scan, the We.-scan is a digital tool we use.

Of course we will provide you with the most suitable SDG’s based on the team qualities. This shortlist of SDG’s can be used in translating individual values and talents towards making impact with your team!

The individual talent tests of team members can be brought together to create a team performance overview. The team overview forms the basis of team analyses and team coaching.

This MY TEAM scan is only possible after the individual team members have already done the My TALENTS digital scan. The team performance report is based on a  maximum of 20 individuals.


Experienced team coaches can offer support in team composition, team development and transition processes in which staffing is relevant. Team analysis sessions are team sessions of 2 to 3 hours in which the team dynamic becomes clear but also room is made for discussion about potential issues between team members.

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