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VALENCIA, SPAIN  /  June 19th 2021/ full day, including exploring the city

Location: Route 66 Idiomas / Carer de Moratin 15  / city center of Valencia

Imagine,….. at 09.00 we start with the workshop. Afterwards around noon we explore the city. Tapas, drinks, culture, free time and the sun shining all day. At 21.00 we meet again, for a great Spanish diner. A full day experience, an unforgettable day!

Workshop SHOWYOURTRUECOLOURS, sustainable learning and action!

With the Personal Improvement Method ‘’Show Your True Colours’’ you discover with ease, within a short period of time, the talents of each participant. The program provides insights into personal qualities and how they influence each other within a team. The personal quality assessment of Myers & Briggs (MBTI) and Jung is one of the starting points of the game. Questions with practical situations are linked to the UN Global Goals (SDG’s).

The strength of the Show Your True Colours lies in the combination of personal qualities due to the Myers & Briggs, Jung game and the activating of sustainable goals. For each individual as in a team as well.

With the Sustainable Development Goals related questions the Show Your True Colours method gives practical insights into the applicability of the 17 values of the SDG’s. Show Your True Colours is played by means of practical work situation cards which are linked to personal qualities.

Sustainability training ’’Show Your True Colours’’

 A training of the SDG-version of Show Your True Colours Method can be applied in businesses as in Education as well. The Show Your True Colours workshop is an interactive session and can take place at your location. The session allows the participants to look at different situations from a variety of perspectives derived from the UN Global Goals and related to concrete examples.

An assessment of personal qualities of individual participants leads to them identifying the values of the SDG’s and enables each individual to define follow-up actions through dialogue. In general, the personal insights from participants  encourages them to think about actions they can take regarding respect and care of life, ecologic integrity, social and economic justice and democratic non-violence and peace.

The workshop will take a 3,5 hours to play. It will be completed with a digital personal profile which each participant will receive.. On request, a team profile can be executed as well. The workshop will lead to new knowledge, perspective and inspiration for each participant!

Let’s meet in the wonderful city of Valencia!


Note: the payment is for the complete day. You have to take care for travelling and hotel. Ofcourse we know the interesting flights and hotels, so we will support you the get the best out of all options!

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