This ATWORKSOLUTIONS shop provides you entrance to your secured personal area, tickets for playing the game COLOURS OF THE WORLD, or allows you to attend a workshop. It is not allowed to play the game without a licence. Actually, to play Colours of the World in a proper way, the online components are needed for your personal development plan.

This shop also gives you the opportunity to buy an online training. We hope to welcome you very soon!


Digitale scan en entry tot secured area op onze website. Na aankoop ontvang je een instructiemail. Op de website vind je, na registratie, je complete persoonlijke profiel met de best passende duurzaamheidsdoelen. Ook vind je handige tools en veel ondersteunende documenten om de Sustainable Development Goals beter te begrijpen.


Here you can register and pay your licence to find your personal profile AND more information about how to use the SDG's.


The orange button on the left will lead you to the registration and payment tool. The payment will allow you to go to your secured area. You'll find your personal profile and information how to create personal sustainable leadership. If you have a coupon code given by your educational institute, your entrance will be free of charge. If you want to know hw to register, click on the link below. Succes!


Do the digital MBTI test and register on the site to get entrance to your secured area. There you will find your profile (including the best fit to 6 or 7 Global Goals), and a lot of information about how to become an ambassador in sustainability. A great tool to learn in half an hour what you can do to better the world. Sustainability in action!!


The Me.-scan offers a compact, accessible and precise method of gaining insight into the degree of a person’s utilization of his or her natural talents. The Me.-scan consists of two parts. The first parts gives insight into his or her (unconscious) behavioral preferences and allergies. In the second part it becomes visible which blockages and pitfalls someone can encounter


After all team members did the MY TALENTS scan, we now know your individual talents. This scan, the We.-scan is a digital tool we use to create an overview of team talents. The individual talent tests of team members can be brought together to create a team performance overview. This MY TEAM scan is only possible after the individual team members have already done the My TALENTS digital scan.


The way to create highly motivated teams. Based on research at the Dutch Special Forces. Inspired by the book TEAMABILITY, we translated this knowledge into a training module. This proven concept for teambuilding is THE way to implement in those organizational teams, who are striving to reach the highest level of exceptional performance: WINNING. At the office we don’t have to carry out a life-threatening mission every day. But the power of a command team is accessible to all teams in business. Learn what impact mission, assignment and processes have on the confidence and mentality of the people in the team.


Colours of the World in education. You want to try out the ME & MY GOALS training at your institute? Buy now a package of licences, including all training materials. We will support you in implementing. A direct succes for your students in becoming an ambassador in Sustainability is secured.

VALENCIA, June 19th, 2021

Book your training day for Valencia. Saturday June 19th. A licence to play an introduction to Colours of the World is included, as well as a tapas lunch, a walking tour and diner at night. Only for € 195,00 per person

Leadership course in VALENCIA

Business and pleasure meets in Valencia. Playing a personal development game, exploring the old city center of Valencia and having diner in a authentic Spanish restaurant. We organise this for you!


A need to know for this workshop / event is the following. You have to book your flight and hotel accomodation by yourself. We ask you to be in Valencia on Saturday at 09.00 am and 09.00 pm. Thats all. See you in Valencia soon!


We spelen de SYTC game in de middag. De game spelen we op locatie. Bestel nu je ticket. De workshop doen we met maximaal 8 personen.


We spelen de SYTC game in de middag. De game wordt gespeeld op locatie, in overleg te bepalen. Bestel nu je ticket. De workshop doen we met maximaal 8 personen.

Terms and conditions

You are one click away from our terms and conditions. See below. But, most important, if you cancel your training, we refund the full amount till 25 days before sceduled day of execution. This does not count for the online licenses to play.